Get Tickets for Friday’s show!

Hi Friends,

We don’t know about you, but after this week we’re prouder than ever of our beautiful city. We may have seen some of the worst people can do, but we’ve also seen the best. We’ve witnessed the healing power of community and place.
And when we had to reschedule In the Paint, a basketball art show that was always about bringing us together and honoring the passions that unite us, we heard from many of you. You asked if it would be rescheduled (“yes”) and for when.
This project has taken on a whole new meaning after this week- in the words of our friends at The Classical, “There’s reason to hope that the show opens, sooner than later, beyond ones grounded in wanting to see the art on the walls. Here, it seems, is the antidote to the sort of involuted, fearful inwardness that terror looks to provoke—where terror aims to make us smaller and weaker and more isolated than we really are, open and creative communities like the one on display at In The Paint do the opposite.”
Today, friends, we invite you to join us this Friday, April 26th from 7-9 PM  for the rescheduled opening of In the Paint. 
Tickets are required - so please reserve tickets:
Everything that was planned for last Friday will happen again - 
Door donation and raffle proceeds to Shooting Touch, and both Grillos and Downeast Cider will be there with pickles and hard cider galore. 
So let’s experience great art (including Aaron Dana’s fantastic mural), eat/drink, and come together In the Paint. 
AnnaAnanthCrystal, and Nick (the organizers)